Step 1: Application Guidelines

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Application Acceptance:

While the Foundation accepts unsolicited proposals, the majority of grants are made to organizations with which the Foundation has an established funding relationship or in instances in which the Trustees have initiated the proposal. Very few grants are awarded to new organizations with no previous involvement. The Foundation only accepts applications from an organization once every twelve months. Please note: grants made to organizations without a personal relationship with the Trustees rarely exceed $3,000.

Please read the following information carefully to determine if you are eligible to apply or would be a possible candidate for funding. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Geographic Focus:

Occasionally the Trustees initiate a grant for an organization not in the Grand Rapids area. However, organizations outside West Michigan without an existing relationship with the Foundation are advised to conserve their resources and not apply. Please Contact Us if you have questions.

Types of Support:

  • General operating and annual campaigns
  • Capital – Building/Renovation/Equipment support
  • Fundraising events


The Foundation only makes grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, governmental units, or non-private foundation public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue code. Additionally, the Foundation prefers that the organizations they support have a track record of successful operations and a strong sustainability outlook.


The Foundation does not support:

  • Direct grants, scholarships, or loans for the benefit of specific individuals
  • For-profit organizations or candidates for political office
  • Loans or operating debt-retirement
  • Endowments
  • Investment opportunities
  • Start-up organizations (within 18 months of incorporation)
  • Organizations primarily working outside of the United States
  • Greater than 10% of the organizational/project budget (unless initiated by the Trustees)
  • Greater than one application once every twelve months from any organization (unless initiated by the Trustees)




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